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Do you have a question about the game editor or need help creating your game? Ask it on the Jawa community instead. The answer may already be there, and if not, the team or another game creator will respond to you as soon as possible.
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Power up the digital communication of your | with | game

Interactive, innovative and visual contents for your website

Be different and create commitment on your websites, social networks and mobile apps with fun, visual and dynamic contents.

A large panel of gameplays

Escape games, adventure, investigation, classical RPG, management or construction game, exploration...create the game that fits your needs and desires!

Easy as pie...

Easily and quickly create your first adventure games with the intuitive editor and publish them with one click. No need to code!

...but also powerful!

Create advanced gameplay mechanics for your puzzles and enrich your game with your own digital contents.

Do it yourself!

ScenarioStudio is so simple to learn that you will get a first result in minutes!

No more limits to your creativity!

The simplicity of JAWA combined with the power of generative AIs gives you endless possibilities and stunning visual quality.

JAWA is a cloud platform made for building web games, for communication and training .

Adventure, the perfect gameplay for your com!

  • Marketing, training, sensitization... gamify your com with your own storytelling, your own background and your own visual style, to broadcast your own messages.
  • Interactivity and fun to better captivate your audience, create commitment and anchor your messages.
  • Exploration, observation, deduction, logic, roleplay...: a large panel of 2D casual games that can be played easily and resumed anytime.
  • Connected to your contents and your social networks, for better viralization.
  • Also works as mobile apps, offline, on a totem, tablet...
With JAWA, creating a games becomes a game itself. Dr Mariano Equizzi
Media Maker & Consultant @UE

Unleash your creativity!

  • Create scenes (at 1st or 3rd person view), connect them with passages, add objects and characters and hide your clues...
  • Write interactive dialogues (and dub them!), add an inventory, a map...
  • Create your own gameplay mechanisms for your puzzles (lock, machine, decoding, riddles...) or import one of our many ready-to-use models...
  • Enrich user's experience and immersion with musics, sounds, videos, animations, rewards...
  • Customize the interface, add your logo.
  • Easily test and debug. Publish and dissemate with one click.
  • Viralize on social networks and emulate your community with sharers, screenshot and a global scoreboard.
  • Multilingual, responsive, mouse or tactile, inline or offline, JAWA games are standalone HTML contents and webapps, that you can also publish on Android playstore.

JAWA is a NO-CODE / LOW-CODE platform.
3x easier, cheaper and faster development.
For beginners and for professionals.


JAWA is constantly evolving and offers even more possibilities to satisfy your creativity!

Scan, unlock!

Create amazing mixed reality treasure hunts and hide some QR codes in your town, your place, or your website to unlock a door, reveal a clue, open a door or do anything you want in your game! You can also use QRcodes in desktop games, providing physical "unlock cards" to show to the webcam.

Customer Cases

What do a school textbook publisher, a public research organization, an escape game company, a modern art museum, or a communication agency all have in common?

Answer: they all use JAWA (and are very happy with it!)

Screenshot from 'A trip to London', a pedagogical serious game

A trip to London

A digital serious game associated with an English school textbook, published by Hachette Education, a french leader in educational publishing. Web & mobile, 6h playtime, french/english. Access
Screenshot from the Quantum Prisoner, a scientific adventure game by CEA

The Quantum Prisoner

A large adventure game created by a big french science research organization to disseminate science and technology to young people and the general public. Web and mobile, 12h playtime, English and French. Access
Screenshot from The hidden treasure of the Mudaac, a game by the Epinal art's Museum

The treasure of the MUDAAC

A treasure hunt set into the ancient and contemporary art museum of Epinal (France) to discover the collections despite the COVID shutdown. Web, 2h playtime. Access

Escape from Alcatraz Island

An escape game set in the universe of TrapGame, an escape room company, created by themselves, to extend their customers experience and keep contact. Web, 1h playtime, english and french. Access
Screenshot from Totem, the game

Totem, the game

An game made by the french digital agency Totem, to show to their customers and prospects their creativity and expertise in a playful and interactive way. Web, 1h de jeu. Access
More than 6000 games created!


Simple and cheap plans! Create before buying.
  • Create, test and publish your game FOR FREE! (max 10 scenes)
  • Take it with you (export) for 19€ (personal and accademic diffusion)
  • Sell it as you see fit for 190€ (resale, integrate in a prestation, use it in your company...)
Perso / Education
(for individuals, students, teachers...)
(for companies, agencies, collectivities... who use JAWA for commercial and/or professionnal purposes)
Create amazing contents, fun and interactives, in minutes :
Unlimited acces to all creation and testing features and puzzle models in scenarioStudio editor, no trial period limit.
Content volumetry
Max. 6 scenes Unlimited! Unlimited!
Publish, disseminate and sell your contents on the web:
  • Publication on JAWA portal through a standard page and url (not customizable), no time limit
  • Private access possibility
  • Basic analytics
Like Free +
  • White mark diffusion page (no JAWA template) with custom url
  • Download the game to host it on any other website
  • Non lucrative distribution for personal or accademic purposes (teachers, students), no time limit
Like Free +
  • Download the game as a white mark content (and replace JAWA logo on loading screens), and host it on any website
  • Sell it, distribute it for commercial purposes, without time limit
  • Advanced analytics and data collecting
  • Cloud synchronization of player's games possibility, to resume their games on different devices
Convert in mobile app:
no no
  • Integrated WebApp support (PWA)
  • APK conversion possibility to publish it on the Android playstore
Project management:
no no
  • Teamwork: add co-developpers and beta-testers
  • Releases versioning and auto-update
FREE 19€ /game 190€ /game

NB : licenses DO NOT include any technical or functionnal support from JAWA.