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#1 09-02-2023 04:08:14

Inscription : 18-12-2022

Scripting Question ✓

Hi, this may be a dumb question but what scripting language does Jawa use? I would like to be able to make more complex interactions than the presets allow but I am new to scripting and don't know what language to look into. Thanks in advance!

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#2 10-02-2023 13:51:19


Re : Scripting Question ✓

Jawa scripting language is... JAWAscript, a proprietary language. (nothing to see with the javascript web language even if you can embed some javascript in jawascript)
It's a very easy-to-learn specific pseudo-language dedicated to adventure games and logic puzzles creation, connected to the JAWA game and editor mechanics.
But it's also quite powerful as you can use it in many ways and create different and advanced game mechanics, using just a few basic effects and syntax to learn (check for the models and also the game [url]https://quantum-prisoner.com[/url] ).
See the manual > "effects" chapter to learn the use and syntax of all effects.

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